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The Cloud of Tags

May 29th, 2009 1 comment

cunywordcampedtagsAs promised, I took the tags everyone wrote on their name badges (the tags on the tags) and created a wordle tag cloud.  It gives a pretty good view of the diversity of topics we all came to learn about, or discovered at the event.  Even within the diversity, of course, there were some common themes–fun to see that great minds think alike.  And I’m very glad to see that “community” seems to be the biggest!

Click the thumbnail on the right to see the full (large!) image.

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CUNY WordCampEd Follow Up: Rotating Flash Headers

May 26th, 2009 1 comment

This is a follow up to the question that was asked at CUNY WordCampEd regarding Zoe Sheehan Zaldana’s use of rotating headers in her course blogs… some themes have built-in support for rotating headers– Neoclassical and Atahualpa are the two we’ve used most often.  We got them to take Flash by simply locating the the rotating image function in each theme and swapping in “.swf” as the file type.

Importantly, these hacked themes were isolated on our WPMu installation via the Userthemes plugin so that other users on the system had access to the unhacked theme (the Flash hack knocked out the image swap function, though it would be pretty easy, I believe, to allow for both).

Here’s a folder with each hacked theme.

You’ll see that each theme enables rotating headers differently… there’s also a rotating header plugin, but it’s not highly rated and I haven’t tested it out.

Here’s a few of Zoe’s Course blogs, for closer perusal:

Art 3059: Designing with Computer Animation

Art 3061: Digital Photography

Art 3041: Special Topics, Digital Imaging

Art 2052: Computer Based Image Making

Welcome to CUNY WordCampEd!!

May 22nd, 2009 Comments off

This is the first CUNY WordCampEd.  And this is our blog!  Please check your program for a username and password, log in, and start posting.  We want your reflections, responses, and ideas about the day and what you’re learning and talking about.

Since we’re all using the same username at this point, try to remember to sign your posts with your real name and campus.


Joe Ugoretz

Macaulay Honors College

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